child playing in swimming pool

Go swimming with Gulfstream

Make a splash with our Covington, Louisiana company

What’s so special about a swimming pool from Gulfstream Pools & Spas? Here are three reasons to choose one of our custom fiberglass pools for your home in the Covington, Slidell & Mandeville, LA area:

  1. Our pools install quickly. Why lose the summer to a months-long pool installation ordeal? Our fiberglass pools install quickly in most residential spaces.
  2. Our pools offer easy maintenance. Due to the nature of their construction, fiberglass pools require fewer chemicals and cleaning than traditional style pools.
  3. Our pools are backed by lifetime warranties. Unlike traditional swimming pools, you won’t have to worry about replacing a liner every few years. Our pools are built to last.


About The Owners

Drew and Allison Daigle were raised in South Louisiana, and both received business degrees from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Drew is a second generation pool builder. He began installing fiberglass pools for the family business in High School. For the next 10 years, Drew continued installing pools for the family business. After graduating college, he accepted a job working for the largest fiberglass pool manufacturer in North America. As a sales manager, Drew traveled the region and assisted many different pool installs, in addition to receiving and teaching installation training most builders never experience. After these many years of experience in both installation and manufacturing, Gulfstream Pools & Spas was formed. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry creates a creative, customer-centric experience that is most enjoyable to do business with. We look forward to working with you!

Obtain financing for a new swimming pool

Ready to work on your cannonball? Gulfstream offers easy financing through our local lending partner. Visit the link below to learn about payment options for our in-ground pools in the Covington and Mandeville, Louisiana area.